Worship Leaders: 3 Reasons To Stay Where You Are


I recently talked with a young man, who was ready for his first full-time worship leading gig. He has a great heart and a load of musical talent. He actually had several churches that wanted him. His final choice wasn’t the most attractive of the offers. It would mean several years of hard work to bring the church to a point of embracing a truly contemporary style of worship. Continue reading


You Just Want To Be A One Talent Worship Leader.

You just want to be a one talent worship leader.

It’s not that you don’t want to have 2,3,4, or even 5 of them. It’s just that you think it’s impossible for you.

You’re just an average guitar player with a passable voice, and to do anything more than simple strumming while singing – well, don’t ask!

You’ve thought about taking some guitar or voice lessons, but you just don’t have the time. Besides, the church says you sing just fine. They never put any pressure on you to do anything more than just lead a 5 song set to get everyone ready for the preacher. The sermon is the most important part anyway. Continue reading

What Happened When You Became a Good Worship Leader?

Think back to when you started leading worship.  It scared you to death, didn’t it?  You felt unprepared and unqualified. You were afraid that you would make a fool of yourself.  But you were passionate about it.  You felt like God had his hand on you, and for some reason He wanted you to lead worship.

So what did you do? Continue reading