How to Keep Your Worship Leading Job

It’s not a pretty sight.  We look at our churches’ offerings and we struggle to stay optimistic.  We see other churches cutting back on expenses and even laying off staff. We wonder who will be next.

As a worship leader, how can you be assured that you are going to keep your job?  Well – you can’t.  But there is one thing you can do that will make it very hard for them to let you go. Continue reading

Would David Make it as a Songwriter Today?

The Psalms are the Bible’s hymnbook.  For thousands of years, people have sung David’s lyrics as praise back to God.  One would be hard-pressed to find a greater collection of God-ordained, beautiful poetic songs.  David is admired as one of the greatest songwriters ever.

But would he make it today?

How would his songs sing in churches in 2011? Continue reading

Pursuing Christ. Creating Art

If you are an artist who  happens to use his art in the church, then you may be introspective, unfocused, full of fears, a daydreamer, disorganized, susceptible to erratic mood swings, lacking in self-confidence, a people pleaser, a perfectionist, and a procrastinator – just to name a few.  If that describes you and, to top it off, you are discouraged trying to be an artist in the church, make sure you pick up “Pursuing Christ. Creating Art” by Gary Molander.

Gary understands us.  He knows the daily struggle we have in trying to maintain a strong vital faith in Christ while also making visible the invisible God through our creations.

This is not a book full of practical ideas.  This is a book that will refresh you at your deepest level.  It will help you embrace the person that God made you to be.  It will encourage you to just create art because you have to – not as a tool to impress others or to feel good about yourself.  You need to create art because that’s what God made you to do.  That is a beautiful and life-giving place.

I met Gary a few years back during my Master’s degree program.  At first his transparency put me on alert, but that was just God’s way of telling me Gary was farther down the road of not caring what others thought about himself than I was.  Gary just lays it all out there – both in person and in this book.   The chapters are short – perfect for us ADHD types, filled with stories, and beaming with hope.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this little gem soon.

What Happened When You Became a Good Worship Leader?

Think back to when you started leading worship.  It scared you to death, didn’t it?  You felt unprepared and unqualified. You were afraid that you would make a fool of yourself.  But you were passionate about it.  You felt like God had his hand on you, and for some reason He wanted you to lead worship.

So what did you do? Continue reading

One Way to Increase Worship Participation

Here’s an idea you can use the next time you are frustrated by the lack of participation in your worship service. It’s not hard to do. It will just take a few minutes of extra planning, and it will help break up the very predictable 5 songs followed by the sermon followed by the offering followed by the “have a great week” dismissal. If the low involvement in your worship time concerns you, try this: Continue reading

This is Easy for God

So the Israelites have a problem.  In 2 Kings 3, they are fighting the Moabites, they’re in the desert and all their water is gone. Things are looking mighty grim,  and Jehoshaphat is looking hard for a man of God to solve this issue. Fortunately, Elisha the prophet is nearby.

God, through Elisha – with the help of a harpist no less – tells the Israelites that all they need to do is dig some ditches. In the morning, the ditches will be filled with water.  Oh, and by the way, they will also defeat the Moabites. But the best part of the story is the little phrase Elisha uses.  It’s not hard to miss. Continue reading