3 More Thoughts on Getting Worshipers to Participate

shutterstock_385628I spent my first year of little league in the outfield wasteland of right field. I think every novice player starts there. It’s where you pay your dues, where the coach decides if you have ADHD (I don’t think they had invented it back then), and where you learn to daydream. About twice a game I would get a ball hit my way – usually a grounder. I was dependable, showed up for practice, paid attention, and always struck out when it was my turn at bat.

The next year, I didn’t have to play right field anymore. Continue reading


3 Thoughts on Getting Worshipers to Participate

bluemanDo you prefer to watch a performance or be part of it? I’ve always been more of a watcher myself. I remember the first time I saw the barrier between watcher and participant crossed. It was when I watched the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas one night. Whether I was getting doused with paint, or unrolling toilet paper with my neighbor, it became obvious that I couldn’t just watch. I didn’t willingly submit to the chaos, but ultimately it proved to be an unforgettable evening.

We are seeing this transition happening in our worship services as well. Continue reading

Worship Leaders: 3 Reasons To Stay Where You Are


I recently talked with a young man, who was ready for his first full-time worship leading gig. He has a great heart and a load of musical talent. He actually had several churches that wanted him. His final choice wasn’t the most attractive of the offers. It would mean several years of hard work to bring the church to a point of embracing a truly contemporary style of worship. Continue reading

Where Have All the Singers Gone?

When I first came to my current church eleven years ago, the worship teams consisted of the typical bands with three vocal teams of nine singers each.  They were all lined up across the front of the stage sharing 4 monitors with the band hidden behind them. The congregation felt overwhelmed, especially if they were sitting near the front. It wasn’t working, but it took me several years to find the courage to make the painful, but necessary changes.  I now have eight total singers who rotate every 3-4 weeks, having one to three people on stage on any given weekend.

Most modern worship services have a worship leader and 1-2 “backup singers”.  That is the current “cool” look.  But, that brings up the burning question, Continue reading

Would David Make it as a Songwriter Today?

The Psalms are the Bible’s hymnbook.  For thousands of years, people have sung David’s lyrics as praise back to God.  One would be hard-pressed to find a greater collection of God-ordained, beautiful poetic songs.  David is admired as one of the greatest songwriters ever.

But would he make it today?

How would his songs sing in churches in 2011? Continue reading

What Happened When You Became a Good Worship Leader?

Think back to when you started leading worship.  It scared you to death, didn’t it?  You felt unprepared and unqualified. You were afraid that you would make a fool of yourself.  But you were passionate about it.  You felt like God had his hand on you, and for some reason He wanted you to lead worship.

So what did you do? Continue reading