You Just Want To Be A One Talent Worship Leader.

You just want to be a one talent worship leader.

It’s not that you don’t want to have 2,3,4, or even 5 of them. It’s just that you think it’s impossible for you.

You’re just an average guitar player with a passable voice, and to do anything more than simple strumming while singing – well, don’t ask!

You’ve thought about taking some guitar or voice lessons, but you just don’t have the time. Besides, the church says you sing just fine. They never put any pressure on you to do anything more than just lead a 5 song set to get everyone ready for the preacher. The sermon is the most important part anyway. Continue reading


Where Have All the Singers Gone?

When I first came to my current church eleven years ago, the worship teams consisted of the typical bands with three vocal teams of nine singers each.  They were all lined up across the front of the stage sharing 4 monitors with the band hidden behind them. The congregation felt overwhelmed, especially if they were sitting near the front. It wasn’t working, but it took me several years to find the courage to make the painful, but necessary changes.  I now have eight total singers who rotate every 3-4 weeks, having one to three people on stage on any given weekend.

Most modern worship services have a worship leader and 1-2 “backup singers”.  That is the current “cool” look.  But, that brings up the burning question, Continue reading

Planning for our Christmas Services

We have had two planning meetings for our Christmas services.  Today I met with a smaller group over lunch to start bringing some order to the ideas.  I’m very excited to see where this all goes.

The theme will be, “When God comes close.” Based on a couple of scenes from Luke 2, what does it look like when we let God come close and invade our lives, instead of keeping Him at a safe distance?  We are planning on using sounds and visuals that will bring the story “close” to the congregation.  We only need 4 more projectors!

Pursuing Christ. Creating Art

If you are an artist who  happens to use his art in the church, then you may be introspective, unfocused, full of fears, a daydreamer, disorganized, susceptible to erratic mood swings, lacking in self-confidence, a people pleaser, a perfectionist, and a procrastinator – just to name a few.  If that describes you and, to top it off, you are discouraged trying to be an artist in the church, make sure you pick up “Pursuing Christ. Creating Art” by Gary Molander.

Gary understands us.  He knows the daily struggle we have in trying to maintain a strong vital faith in Christ while also making visible the invisible God through our creations.

This is not a book full of practical ideas.  This is a book that will refresh you at your deepest level.  It will help you embrace the person that God made you to be.  It will encourage you to just create art because you have to – not as a tool to impress others or to feel good about yourself.  You need to create art because that’s what God made you to do.  That is a beautiful and life-giving place.

I met Gary a few years back during my Master’s degree program.  At first his transparency put me on alert, but that was just God’s way of telling me Gary was farther down the road of not caring what others thought about himself than I was.  Gary just lays it all out there – both in person and in this book.   The chapters are short – perfect for us ADHD types, filled with stories, and beaming with hope.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this little gem soon.

How to Wait Well

What things are you waiting for God to do in your life now? You probably have a very clear list:

  • I need God to sell my home
  • I need God to get me a job
  • I need my son to get his act together
  • I need this health problem to go away
  • I need God to help me pay my bills this month
  • I need this depression to go away

If you are like me, my list keeps growing. I add more items than I delete.

And waiting gets harder!

Most of us are impatient waiters. We are willing to wait, but we aren’t very happy about it. Either figuratively or literally, we pace, check the clock, and play out the scenarios of what happens if these issues aren’t solved soon.

There is a better way to wait. Continue reading