3 More Thoughts on Getting Worshipers to Participate

shutterstock_385628I spent my first year of little league in the outfield wasteland of right field. I think every novice player starts there. It’s where you pay your dues, where the coach decides if you have ADHD (I don’t think they had invented it back then), and where you learn to daydream. About twice a game I would get a ball hit my way – usually a grounder. I was dependable, showed up for practice, paid attention, and always struck out when it was my turn at bat.

The next year, I didn’t have to play right field anymore. Continue reading


3 Thoughts on Getting Worshipers to Participate

bluemanDo you prefer to watch a performance or be part of it? I’ve always been more of a watcher myself. I remember the first time I saw the barrier between watcher and participant crossed. It was when I watched the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas one night. Whether I was getting doused with paint, or unrolling toilet paper with my neighbor, it became obvious that I couldn’t just watch. I didn’t willingly submit to the chaos, but ultimately it proved to be an unforgettable evening.

We are seeing this transition happening in our worship services as well. Continue reading