You Just Want To Be A One Talent Worship Leader.

You just want to be a one talent worship leader.

It’s not that you don’t want to have 2,3,4, or even 5 of them. It’s just that you think it’s impossible for you.

You’re just an average guitar player with a passable voice, and to do anything more than simple strumming while singing – well, don’t ask!

You’ve thought about taking some guitar or voice lessons, but you just don’t have the time. Besides, the church says you sing just fine. They never put any pressure on you to do anything more than just lead a 5 song set to get everyone ready for the preacher. The sermon is the most important part anyway.

You just want to be a one talent worship leader.

Speaking of your church, You wish you had a sound person that could do some simple EQ to improve your sound. He (you only have one) doesn’t have a musical ear and isn’t interested in getting any training. In fact, you can’t get him to show up more than 15 minutes before the service starts, so a sound check just isn’t something you ever do. But that’s okay, you make it work.

You’d like to be a two talent worship leader, but one is just fine.

You keep telling yourself every Monday that you will find time to train some new singers or band members. You know they are out there – they have talked to you. It’s just that when you finally get around to it, the week is over – so you put it off until next Monday.

You have these song ideas floating around in your head, but every time you start working on them, they don’t sound good anymore. You probably have 50 unfinished songs in your desk drawer.

You also have these crazy ideas that would make the worship services better. But, when you sit down to actually make them happen, you get scared. What if the congregation freaks out? What if the services look corny? What if things fall apart? What if. . .?

It would be awesome to be a 5 talent worship leader, but 1 is more realistic. 5 is reserved for those young guys with great hair in big churches. Besides, you’re a bass. Don’t you have to be a tenor to be a 5?

You think you’ll continue to be a one talent worship leader.

You wouldn’t mind being more, but it sounds like a lot of work.


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