What Happened When You Became a Good Worship Leader?

Think back to when you started leading worship.  It scared you to death, didn’t it?  You felt unprepared and unqualified. You were afraid that you would make a fool of yourself.  But you were passionate about it.  You felt like God had his hand on you, and for some reason He wanted you to lead worship.

So what did you do? Continue reading


I’m the One that Jesus Loves

John the Apostle always referred to himself as the disciple that Jesus loved.  I always thought that was an odd statement – maybe even a little arrogant.  After all, Jesus didn’t love him more than James or Peter or Philip did he? Continue reading

One Way to Increase Worship Participation

Here’s an idea you can use the next time you are frustrated by the lack of participation in your worship service. It’s not hard to do. It will just take a few minutes of extra planning, and it will help break up the very predictable 5 songs followed by the sermon followed by the offering followed by the “have a great week” dismissal. If the low involvement in your worship time concerns you, try this: Continue reading

This is Easy for God

So the Israelites have a problem.  In 2 Kings 3, they are fighting the Moabites, they’re in the desert and all their water is gone. Things are looking mighty grim,  and Jehoshaphat is looking hard for a man of God to solve this issue. Fortunately, Elisha the prophet is nearby.

God, through Elisha – with the help of a harpist no less – tells the Israelites that all they need to do is dig some ditches. In the morning, the ditches will be filled with water.  Oh, and by the way, they will also defeat the Moabites. But the best part of the story is the little phrase Elisha uses.  It’s not hard to miss. Continue reading

How to Wait Well

What things are you waiting for God to do in your life now? You probably have a very clear list:

  • I need God to sell my home
  • I need God to get me a job
  • I need my son to get his act together
  • I need this health problem to go away
  • I need God to help me pay my bills this month
  • I need this depression to go away

If you are like me, my list keeps growing. I add more items than I delete.

And waiting gets harder!

Most of us are impatient waiters. We are willing to wait, but we aren’t very happy about it. Either figuratively or literally, we pace, check the clock, and play out the scenarios of what happens if these issues aren’t solved soon.

There is a better way to wait. Continue reading

Some things I learned about worship on an empty stomach

It had been a long Sunday – going on 13 hours – and our church had just finished hosting a gospel quartet concert.  As I was mingling with the crowd afterwards, a woman with whom I had some tense conversations with in the past, was moving towards me.  I took a deep breath and waited for the onslaught.
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